stillcarl (stillcarl) wrote in robosaps,

Robosapien vs Robonova?

From here:

Like Arnie in T2, Robosapien awoke this morning with the horrible feeling that a newer, more formidable robot was roaming the streets. He’s right – please, shake the plastic hand of Robonova, our favourite new acro-bot.

Except, out-of-the-box, he won't be roaming the streets, as Robonova hasn't a clue where he is. He can't see, hear or feel, so if you see him on the streets it'll be because he's being driven remotely and not because he's decided to explore his enviroment.

Yes, his walking's way better than either Robosapien, but then it should be for three and a half times the price of a Robosapien V2. But for that three and a half times the price of a V2 you're getting a "robot" without a single sensor. Which kind of misses the point, doesn't it?
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