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RoboCommunity is a new website dedicated to WowWee's robots. Featuring news, articles, blogs, forums and more, it's a very polished site. Which is how it should be, given it can be considered WowWee's official community.

The site's produced by Capable Networks and as mentioned here was launched in partnership with WowWee Ltd. The fruits of this can be seen in the articles on the evolution of Robosapien and Roboraptor. There seem to be many new pictures there, especially of the Roboraptor, and it's the first non-blurry photos I can recall seeing of the WowWee production lines.

So RoboCommunity is well worth a visit and should be worth keeping an eye on, not to mention contributing to. Yes, it's an official community, but there has to be a right way to run such a beast and it looks like WowWee may have chosen a good company to do the job.
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