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Roboraptor - first impressions...

Okay, I got one! See...

and here's the back view...

And, if you thought the Robosapien was a bit hard to get out of his box, well, it was just a teaser...

There - the first quarter of an hour gone - and we've got the cover off...

Yah - and now, umm, a bit more, and, umm, time to get the screwdriver out...

Sorry, make that two screwdrivers - neither of which were the proper fit. You see, the screws are down long dark holes and, well, what type and size they are is a bit of a guess. But I managed to get one out, which let me examine it...

and see if I had a more suitable screwdriver. Which I did have, so...


One raptor out of his box!

And now for a glance at the docs...

Yes, I had glanced at that sheet. ;-) And on its back is a bit about Robosapien V2 and Robopet...

But now to feed him and wake him from his long hibernation...

along with a bit of comentary by the supervisor...

"Yes, all very interesting, I'm sure, but hardly worth shaking with excitement over, is it?"

Hah, you wait until he's switched on!

Which of course I then did.

And a nice, noisy beastie he is too. But, well, he didn't seem to be walking that well and his IR sensors didn't seem too responsive. Were the "good batteries" given to me by the lady in the shop really not all that good? So, to check whether that was the problem, it was back to the shops for a six-pack of Energizer AAs.

And they made all the difference, Roboraptor now taking real steps instead of just shuffling and actually having the promised three speeds instead of just the two I'd extracted out of the other batteries. And his sensors were working most impressively now, he detecting walls when about a foot away from them.

So, behaving as expected now, and walking reasonably well on lino and carpet, except at speed two where he seems to wobble more than actually progress. That and his turning speed would be my only real criticisms so far, he taking a long time to change direction when he detects a wall.

But make up your own mind about his walking, as we have videos!

Edit: 27th June. Well actually, we haven't anymore, as I was approaching my bandwidth limit. Seems they've been popular! Might risk making them available again sometime later, after the initial buzz about RR's release has died down a bit.

Edit 2: 30th June. Chance "Knitsu" Brown is kindly hosting the videos on his site here at the moment. (His links to these videos (with my permission) probably had some bearing on their sudden popularity;) There's a few other owner-videos of the Roboraptor there too.

Edit 3: 12th July. The videos are once again hosted on my site with checks now included for bandwidth use. This will mean that if a certain number of downloads are reached then no more can be made until the next day.

One of him on lino... (2.3MBs)

and one on carpet... (3.7MBs)

In both of those he starts at slow speed, switches to normal, (the wobbling I mentioned above), then goes into fast mode. The difference in gaits is quite noticable.

And to wrap it all up, a First Contact video... (2.4MBs)

Maybe more in a day or so - after I've bought 12 rechargable NiMHs... Unlike Robosapien, I don't think long battery life will be Roboraptor's selling point. There's no suggestion you shouldn't use rechargables in him though, unlike with Robosapien.
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