stillcarl (stillcarl) wrote in robosaps,

RS Media and LEGO NXT to converse?

Well yes, according to T3...

Apparently Robosapien designer Mark Tilden loves Mindstorm kit so much he has designed his new robot so that the Mindstorm NXT robot brain fits perfectly on the rear as a backpack. And once the NXT brain is hooked up to the RS Media you can use it to program in complicated sequences of moves to let the Robosapien perform even more tricks.

This should excite those who're really into robotics and are likely to get both.

Oh yes, and The company [meaning WowWee I assume] is also working on other projects including a robotic spider and a robotic dragon fly that controls its pitch and yaw when airborne via subtle movements of its wings.

More at the above link, including photos.
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