stillcarl (stillcarl) wrote in robosaps,

Tilden defends fun!

In the Guardian no less, who I wouldn't have thought were all that much into fun.

Since he invented RoboSapien four years ago, Mark Tilden has been criticised by several technologists for what they say are unnecessary boasts. One columnist, Lance Ulanoff, questioned whether his creations were robots at all. But Mr Tilden claims he has been ostracised because he "dared to do something fun".

Tilden then goes on to to make this mild, well-researched claim...

Soon we will have the elusive home robot that comes out of a closet when you go to work, cleans your home, does the washing and then puts itself away before you come back.

More at the above link...

(PS: I think I'll be getting an RS Media regardless...;)
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